It’s been a long time coming!
As the old song says “It’s been a long time coming but I know my change is gonna come”.
God is so wonderful. After twenty years of waiting patiently with tears and supplication the Lord has answered our prayers.
We had been waiting for financial breakthrough for so long. To be honest, I thought it would never come. Although my husband never stopped believing, I must confess, I did begin to doubt.
God uses the most unlikely ways to bring glory to himself. Many years ago, my husband had taken out a pension plan which he had stopped not too long after. We had forgotten all about it until they started writing recently to see what he wanted to do with it. To cut a very long story short, the amount was far more than we could ever have imagined and more than enough to pay off most, if not all of our crippling debts which were holding us down. It still feels surreal to actually have money to spend on things other than just food and bills.
God is so good and so faithful. Around the same time, the place where we living was having major works taking place (new kitchens and bathrooms) which included our own which would be costing us nothing. Like the financial breakthrough, we had been waiting for our new kitchen and bathroom for twenty years! And let me tell you it was worth it, it all looks fantastic! It’s like having a brand new home.
To conclude, the message is don’t lose your faith no matter how bleak things may be because remember God’s timing is not our own. His ways are not our ways as the scriptures tells us. Also delay, no matter how long, does not necessarily mean denial.
Keep the faith!

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