Our God is indeed an awesome God and He is a mighty God who maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.
I was employed on a 1 year contract with a firm.  After few months of working at the firm, I was told during an appraisal that there was a possibility that at the end of my contract, I would be taken on as a permanent member of staff. I was very excited to hear the good news. However, to my surprise, a month to the end of my contract I received a letter stating that my contract was terminated and would not considered for a permanent role.
The first thought that came to mind was why this was happening now, as I had only just started Law school. How could I pay my school fees with no job? I was very worried at the thought of starting over again looking for a job and going through the whole recruitment process again, but I held on to Psalm 121:2 “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth”.
A few days later I updated my CV and started applying for jobs and received a call for an interview for the first job I applied for. Before going for the interview I prayed to God and said “I want this job”. I went for the interview but was told I did not get the job. I was sad at the news. I did not know then that God had good reason for me not getting job.
A couple of days later I came across a scripture James 4:3 “you ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly”. I was asking God to give me the job instead of asking for GOD’S WILL to be done regarding the job. We should always learn to pray for God’s will when asking God for anything concerning our life. God’s plan for our live’s is for good and not for evil.
Shortly after, I got a call from an agency I had never registered with, who mentioned that they had seen my CV and that they had a role for me. I was shortlisted for an interview, had two days to prepare for this interview. I started praying and I literally held it up to God and simply said “Lord if it is your will for me to work in this firm, please make a way. I put this into your hands, let your WILL be done”.  Then I prepared for the interview.
During the interview, I asked a why the position was vacant and the interviewer told me that this post had never been occupied by anyone before and that they had in fact only just created this role in the firm. I knew this was God working on my behalf and from that moment I kept telling myself the job is mine because according to Romans 4:17, our God gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. He created a post that was never there just for me.
After the interview, the interviewers told me that the final decision will be made within the next few days. As soon as I walked out of the interview room, all I kept saying was “THANK YOU JESUS”. On my way home after the interview, I received a call back from the agency who mentioned that company absolutely loved me and they asked that I go for a second interview.  I went back for the second interview with so much more confidence than I had when I went in for the initial interview.
To God be the glory, I got the job. This job is a much higher than the job that I lost and the one that I did not get initially and it even pays better than my previous jobs. Our God is awesome.
I thank God for the anointing upon the entire Leadership of Glory House. I pray that the good Lord will continue to renew the anointing upon them every day.

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