I want to testify about God’s goodness and favour and how He turned my situation around for good. He gave me a new song in my heart, so I can sing Hallelujah to His glorious Name.
It started in October 2013. I had gone back to school hoping to change my career path and to do what my heart wanted to do for some time..
I went into school in June 2013 and by October 2013 I had to submit my first four course assignments. There were conditions for the submissions and to show proof that the assignments were actually submitted I had to use a particular programme. I also had to submit 2 hard copies of each of the assignments to the office.
By the end of October 2013, I discovered that one of the modules was not assessed. When I enquired about it, I was told the assignment was not found. I spoke with the Head of department and my personal tutor, and agreed to retake the module which I passed brilliantly in January 2014.
I took an exam in the same module in May 2014 and passed.. I was due to go into the final year of my programme but I received a letter from the examination board towards the end of November 2014, saying that I would need to withdraw from the programme as I had failed the module at 3rd attempt. By this declaration, I was no longer a bona fide student of the institution but I was given an opportunity to appeal against the decision of the board. I wrote the appeal and submitted it on 2nd December, 2014.
I did not know what to do. I was so annoyed and nonplussed. I felt humiliated and defeated. I knew I had already passed the assignment and the subsequent exam for the module in question.
After a few days of serious worrying about what to do next, I decided to take the matter to my God and Father in prayer. That was when the Pastor declared fasting and prayer for the 1st to 3rd of December 2014. Brethren, I believe there are no coincidences in the church, there is always a need to be met when the Pastor makes a pronouncement or suddenly declares a meeting of His people. I knew the meeting was for me. I took part in the programme knowing that the enemy had done this and I was determined to stop him and confident that the Almighty God would strengthen me before the devil had opportunity to make a complete mess of my life. I prayed as never before following the instructions given by the Minister of God as he led us in prayer.
Today, I can testify that the God of Pastor Albert Odulele has done me well. Six (6) days after the prayers and fasting, specifically on Tuesday the 9th of December, the school sent an apology mail to me saying they were sorry for the inconveniences they caused me and that all my records have been updated and have seen that I have successfully completed all my modules and that I should disregard the withdrawal letter and resume my programme accordingly.
I want to appreciate the most exalted God of Heaven and His servant, my beloved Pastor Dr. Albert Odulele and his team of carefully chosen Pastors and Ministers, who spend time seeking the face of God on our behalf. May the God of Heaven continue to anoint you afresh.

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