I want to bless God for his unfailing love to me.
It all started when I got a new job and I was told to go for an occupational health test (a pre employment medical test). I went for the test and few days after, I got a letter to go for further tests with my GP and until my GP certified me fit, my employment was on hold.
My GP referred me and it took a month before the appointment letter came. Before I went for the appointment, I had found out that I was pregnant and I could not do some test because of the pregnancy. Few questions were asked and the doctor certified me fit to work.
Few months after I delivered my baby, I got an appointment letter to come for a check up. That was when the nightmare started.
I was told to go for x-ray and a blood test. When the result came out, they found out there was something on my chest.  To further their investigations, I was told to go for a CT scan. After the scan, I was sedated for some samples to be removed from my chest after which they concluded their diagnosis.
A 4cm lump was found on my chest (so the doctor said). I started going in and out of the hospital but I kept on tapping into my healing in Christ.
Exactly 7 months later, I was told to go for another CT scan and when I went for the result, my nurse asked if I was still using my drugs and I replied that I was not. He looked at me and he said hoped he would not have to start the treatment again. At that point, I became scared. When the doctor came in, he asked the same question and said I self discharged myself.   He asked me to come and see what was on the screen. He showed me the first scan I went for and also the new one. To the glory of God the 4cm lump had disappeared totally.
Before I left home that day my husband prophesied that it will be my last appointment with them and God honoured his words and I was discharged.
I want to boldly declare that the Lord is my God and there is none besides Him.

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