Month of Testimonies and Thanksgiving

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• Give thanks to God for the gift of life, health, victory, divine provision & promotion from Jan to Dec. Ps. 23:1-2; 2 Cor. 2:14
• Thank God for ordering your steps, for escape from disasters, oppressions & evil entrapments from Jan. to Dec. Ps. 124:1-8
• Thank God for the preservation of Pastor & his family, all the Pastors, Ministers, Elders, Workers & families in Glory House UK & GH branches & their families. Ps. 32:1-4
• Thank God for answered prayers, great testimonies, salvation of souls, signs & wonders and breakthroughs in GH. Ps. 32:1-4.
• Pray for divine protection & safety for every GH member that will be travelling during the festive season. Pro. 21:31; Deut 28:6
• As 2015 ends, pray an end to all your struggles, shame and reproach; glory and dignity is your portion. Is. 50:7; Rom 8:30
• Plead the blood as Red Sea against the pursuits of the enemy; declare, ‘my progress shall not be hindered’. Heb. 11:29

• Thank God for deliverance from the power of darkness and for the redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Col 1:13-15
• Thank God for the benefits in the blood of Jesus (cleansing, covering, Passover of evil, ) Ex. 12:12-13; Lev. 17:11
• Draw the bloodline for protection around your property, vehicle, children, families & GH. No to evil! Ps. 91:10-11
• Pray that the truth will set free many in the valley of decision, and visit them with salvation. Joel 3: 13- 15; Jn. 8:32
• Repent of any sin & by the blood, close all doors to sin and temptation. ‘No entry for Satan here!’ Rev. 1:5; Rev. 12:11
• Pray a release of divine power on Dec. activities at all GH locations. Ask for a harvest of soul, restoration, release, joy & peace on our communities & nations. Joel 2:28-29,32.
• Declare that you will not be a casualty of terrorist attack, war, witchcraft, demonic activities and accidents. Is. 54:17; Is. 7:8

• Thank God that the year will be crowned with mighty testimonies & triumphs to shame the enemy. Decree trembling & tribulation on all troublers. Ps. 6:10; 2 Thess. 1:6; Ps 65:11
• Prophesy daily restoration, recovery and release of all the promises made over GH before 2015 ends. Joel 2:25
• Declare; ‘the blood of Jesus cancels evil handwritings, decrees & pronouncements against GH, Pastor & his family’. Col. 2:14; Ex. 34:13; Is. 54:17
• Declare that you will enter into 2016 victoriously, with testimonies, breakthroughs and restoration. Joel 2:25-26
• Command the release of overdue blessings; stop every delayed promise; Say no to carryover. Lk. 1:45; Ezek. 12:27-28
• Decree, ‘the blood of Jesus deletes Satanic plans against the promotion of GH UK & its branches. Is. 45:1-2; Is. 8:5-6, 9-10
• Declare that 2016 will be a year of great harvest, unusual breakthrough & great grace for GH worldwide and that you & your family will partake of it. Hag. 2:9; Ps. 132:15-18; Is. 2:2
• Thank God for peace and rest on every side for GH, yourself and the family in 2016. Is. 66:12; Zech. 2:5; Ps. 85:8-9.

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