Glory House Churches International
March Fasting and Prayer
Revelation for Elevation’
Gen. 26:12-14; Is. 60:1-3

  • Give thanks to God, for provision, protection, promotion and prominence daily.  Ps. 68:19; 103: 1 – 5
  • May the Lord release to you the key that unlocks your greatness, and His mercy open the treasures of secret places.  Is. 22:22; 45:2-3; Mat. 13:11
  • Pray for secrets to unlock constant manifestations of signs and wonders at all GH services. Acts 5:12-14; Is. 8:18; 119:18; 2 Tim 2:15
  • Lord, give life to my dreams and visions, awaken courage in me; grant the fulfilment of prophesies with undeniable proof. Hab. 2:1–3; Jos. 1:7-8, 23:6
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to take over the harvest fields; start to convict and convert sinners, and establish saints. Jn. 16:8; Is. 2:2; Rev. 14:15
  • Pray for increase in the revelation of God’s word in GH and that the church will keep advancing in the things of God. Acts 19:20; Acts 4:33


  • Pull down every high wall built by the enemy to deny your entrance into your promised land. Ps. 18:29; 1 Cor. 16:9
  • Pray for illumination through the light of God’s Word and that God anoints your eyes with eye salve. Pro. 24:13-14; Mat. 13:11; Rev. 3:18
  • Renounce and reject all evil machinations and thoughts set against you and your family’s elevation. It shall not stand. Is. 54:15; Is. 60:2
  • Come against the forces restricting the spread of the gospel; declare salvation of souls in our cities and nation. Acts 13:46–49; Rev. 11:15
  • Pray that GH members will be emboldened and will heed the prompting for effective witnessing. Acts 4:29-31; 2 Cor. 18-19; Dan. 12:3


  • Pray for the leaders of Nations, that the wisdom of God will rest upon them and they shall govern with the fear of God. Pro. 8:15
  • Disarm every scheme behind terrorism in UK and the world, declare God’s canopy of protection on His children. Is. 54:14–15
  • Pray for our Senior Pastor and GH leaders globally for God to confirm His word through them, and to unveil the mystery of the gospel. 2 Thess. 3:1; Is. 44:26; Eph. 6:19
  • Come against every form of reproach, shame, and stagnation, declaring your elevation, glory and honour has come. Jos. 5:9; Amos 9:13–15
  • Give God thanks because you are changing levels by insight, your days of enviable greater dimensions are here. Gen. 26:12–14; Is. 60:1-3


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