December Prayer & Fasting
‘Thy Kingdom Come’

Bible Passages I
Mat. 6:10 ‘your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’
Is. 58:6-11‘is this not the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, & that you break every yoke? (7) Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, & that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, & not hide yourself from your own flesh? (8) Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, & your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. (9) Then you shall call, & the Lord will answer; you shall cry, & He will say, here I am. If you take away the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger, & speaking wickedness, (10) If you extend your soul to the hungry & satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light shall dawn in the darkness, & your darkness shall be as the noonday. (11) The Lord will guide you continually, & satisfy your soul in drought, & strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, & like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail’
Fasting Schedule II
– Prayer & fasting 12.00 midnight – 5.00pm daily
– Dates: Sunday 4th – Saturday 24th December
– Theme: ‘Thy kingdom come’ Mat. 6:10
Establishing & Enforcing Eternity on Earth
– Prayer Meetings: Sunday services 10.00am & 1.00pm
Monday’s 7.00 – 8.00pm
Tuesday’s 7.00 – 8.00pm
Wednesday’s 7.00 – 8.30pm
Finale service** Sat. 24th Dec. 5.00 – 6.00pm
– Special instructions: Pray at least one hour daily
Study prayer topics & scriptures
Walk in forgiveness & the fear of God
Reach at least one or two souls
Prayer Outlines III
Sun. 4th Dec; Day 1: Thanksgiving & Consecration
• Thank God for His many blessings, pleasant surprises and answered prayers in 2016. Ps. 16:6; Ps. 34:1-3
• Thank God that His kingdom is advancing and making impact in the UK and all over the world. 2 Cor. 2:14; Mat. 11:12
• Praise God for broadcasting His kingdom through miracles, signs and wonders in 2016. Ps. 68:19; Ps. 103:1-5
• Bless Him for salvation, establishment and maturation of souls in Glory House and the nations. Ps. 51:13
• Release grace for kingdom takeovers, supernatural walkovers & suppression of demonic kingdoms. Rev. 11:15; Lk. 12:32
• Present yourself (spirit, soul & body) to God in this season of prayer & fasting. Rom. 12:1; Dan. 9:2-3; Hos. 10:12
Mon. 5th Dec; Day 2: God’s Peace
• Intercede for and also thank God for His peace daily and a life without trouble or fear. Jn. 14:27; Phil. 4:7
• Declare, you are in God’s kingdom therefore His peace rules around you. Command fear & confusion to go! Rom. 14:17
• Decree peace to all storms aimed at Glory House members. No evil or plague is permitted. Ps. 29:11; 91:5-6; Mk. 4:39
• Pray ‘peace’ over your family, work place, city & nation. Rebuke spirits of terror, discord & destruction. Ps. 122:6; Jer. 29:7
• Ask for grace to become a consistent carrier of good news & messenger of peace & salvation. Is. 52:7; Is. 61:1-3
• Pray in ‘tongues, your Spirit language’ & activate God’s peace within & around you. Gal. 5:22
Tue. 6th Dec; Day 3: Divine Health & LONG life
• Bless God that the price for health & wellbeing is already paid. Boldly proclaim health & healing! Is. 53:5; Jn. 19:30
• Raise a defence & shield against ‘attacks & arrows’ of sickness, weakness & disease. Ps. 91:3-6; 32:7
• Ask God to restore your health & heal your wounds according to the Blood bought New Covenant. 1 Pt. 2:24
• Decree & declare your body & family as physical, mental & emotional affliction-free territory 1 Cor. 6:19
• Pray for the unsaved & an escape from flying pestilences, deadly poisons & premature death. Mk. 16:18; Ex. 12:13
• Ask for fresh ‘oil’ to heal the sick at services & in the community as you share the gospel. Lk. 5:17; 6:19
Wed. 7th Dec; Day 4: Wealth & PROSPERITY
• Thank God for small beginnings but decree increase, abundance, enlargement & wealth transfer. Job 8:7; Zech. 4:10
• Pray for prophetic insights, creative ideas & wisdom for witty inventions & skills for wealth creation. Gen. 26:12-14
• Decree an end to financial dryness & lack; ask for open heavens with unending showers of blessing. Ps. 66:12; Ezek. 36:30
• Rebuke financial delayers, devourers, & destroyers; you are a covenant giver & a Kingdom builder. Mal. 3:11; Lk. 6:38
• Your seeds of love & sacrificial services begin to yield rewards in multiple folds. Prov. 11:18; Ps. 126:5-6.
• Pray that many will trust in God for their future & be delivered from chasing uncertain wealth. 1 Tim. 6:17; Pro. 23:5
• Come against the spirit of the world that blinds people from the truth & hinders the salvation of many. 2 Cor. 4:4
• Ask for faithful men who are effective distributors of wealth for kingdom establishment & expansion. Zach. 1:17; Deut. 8:18
Thu. 8th Dec; Day 5: Success
• Thank God for ordered footsteps, destiny helpers & divinely arranged contacts. 2 Cor. 2:14
• Ask for divine favour that makes one stand out & success in the works of your hands. Gen. 39:3; Deut. 30:9
• Declare yourself a winner & not a loser. Break limitations & expand in all directions. Deut. 28:13
• Grace to complete discarded projects, to pursue vision & the wisdom to finish well. Zech. 4:6-8; Ps. 126:5
• Pray that Glory House members will be successful soul winners with abiding fruit. Jn. 15:16; Prov. 11:30b; Dan. 12:3
• Pray in tongues for true success & ask for God’s amazing help for evangelism. 2 Chron. 26:15; Ps. 20:2; Hos. 12:4
• Pray that none will be overtaken by pride. Give us a garment of humility to preserve true success. 1 Pt. 5:5; Pro. 16:18
Fri. 9th Dec; Day 6: Relationships & Family
• Thank God for being part of His family & pray that multitudes will come to know His love. Gal. 4:6
• Pray for divinely chosen relationships; none will miss their God ordained marriage partner Ps. 68:6; Is. 34:16
• Ask God for covenant relationships_ mentors, prayer partners & friends that fulfil destiny. 2 Chron. 26:5; 1 Sam. 30:8
• Peace must prevail in families & relationships in Glory House. Cast the serpent out of your garden. Mat. 6:10; Rev. 12:9
• Terminate demonic covenants & deliver people from satanic relational-traps. 2 Cor. 6:14-16; Rev. 11:12
• Pray that our children shall be genuinely born-again. They’ll follow God’s voice & not be enticed by evil. Is. 54:13
Sat. 10th Dec; Day 7: Safety & PROTECTION
• Thank God for angels that keep you (& yours) safe day & night and for divine preservation. Ps. 91:4, 11; 121:8
• Create a wall of fire & protecting hedge around your children, health, church, etc. Zech. 2:5; Ps. 18:3
• Expose & frustrate the schemes of terrorists globally; no evil shall come near your dwelling. Is. 60:18; Ps. 91:10
• Build a defence around God’s people; homes, travel, work, etc. Declare divine safety into 2017. Ps. 4:8; Is. 32:18
• Pray that people be delivered from agents of deception who promise safety in charms, magic etc. 2 Thess. 2:9; Acts 19:19
• Pray intensely that men, women, boys & girls will run to the safety found only in God. Ps. 33:16-19; Is. 12:2
Sun. 11th Dec; Day 8: Assignment
• Thank God for His great plans & a glorious purpose for your life & future. Jer. 29:11; 1:5; 2 Tim. 1:9
• Pray for all to embrace the call of assignment & reach cities & nations for Jesus. Esth. 4:14; Heb. 10:38
• Decree that you will not be an unprofitable servant; ask for grace to be fruitful at all times. Mat. 25:30; Ps. 1:3
• Move every mountain in the path of assignment _ the Red sea, Goliath, Walls of Jericho, etc Zech. 4:7; Ps. 18:29
• Obliterate every force of stagnation, frustration or termination of assignment. Job 5:12; 1 Cor. 16:9
• Intercede for the escape of the unsaved from stagnation, oppression & destruction. 2 Tim. 2:26
• Pray that all GH members will discover and release their destiny by divine revelation & impartation. Acts 13:2-3
• Declare your assignment is unstoppable; you will live to see assignment fulfilled & obstacles removed. Gen. 50:20
Mon. 12th Dec; Day 9: Leadership & Government
• Thank God for mercy & protection from calamity, disaster, plague & war in your nation. Mic. 2:13; Hos. 2:23
• Pray the Lord arise to rescue nations from oppressive rulers & looters of common wealth. Ezek. 34:10; Ps. 78:53
• Pray that God draws the hearts of national leaders to Himself. Ask for true conversion of hearts. Jn. 6:44; Ps. 51:13
• Pray that the kingdoms of this world come under the government of God. Every knee bows to Jesus. Rev. 11:15; Rom. 14:11
• Pray that God’s kingdom will reign supreme & UK government will be guided by Godly precepts. Is. 9:6-7; Ps. 22:28
• Pray for all nations facing elections in the year 2017 for peace & emergence of true Shepherds. 1 Tim. 2:1; Jer. 3:15
Tue. 13th Dec; Day 10: Signs & Wonders
• Thank God for His signs, wonders, miracles & testimonies that shame the devil & silence the enemy. Acts 4:16
• You are created for great works; decree the supernatural will be a daily occurrence in your life. Jn. 14:12
• Pray that Glory House members will flow in the grace for miracles, signs & wonders. Is. 8:18; Acts. 1:8; 10:38
• Pray there will be manifestations of God’s power with a harvest of souls in every Glory House meeting. Mk. 16:20
• Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the unsaved by opening their hearts to the truth. Jn. 16:8
Wed. 14th Dec; Day 11: Divine Direction
• Pray that the Spirit of God will direct every vital decision you make & bring an end to all struggles. Rom. 8:14; Heb. 8:11
• Silence diabolical suggestions of confusion or chaos; only the voice of the Good Shepherd will be heard. Jn. 10:4; Is. 54:11
• Pray for clear divine direction in future endeavours, vision, career, prosperity, family, etc. Ps. 32:8; Is. 30:21; 48:17
• Pray for hearing ears & ask for a sensitive heart to discern what to do in every season. Is. 50:4-5; 1 Chron. 12:32
• Ask God to direct you into becoming a problem solver, a soul winner & blessing to many. Jn. 4:17-19
• Pray that the unsaved will acknowledge & believe in Jesus as the unseen Person & Hand guiding their steps.
Thu. 15th Dec; Day 12: Wisdom
• Ask for divine wisdom to build a stable, strong & sustained future. Prov. 24:3; 9:1
• Ask for a fresh baptism of the Spirit of wisdom for creativity & to tackle any dilemma. Is. 11:2; Ex. 35:31
• Pray for uncommon wisdom over all Glory House leaders & members to build lives & nations. Gen. 41:39; Is. 33:6
• Lord, show me the hidden secrets (wisdom mysteries) for kingdom exploits. Teach me wisdom. 1 Cor. 2:6-9
• Wisdom is better than strength; ask to be empowered to rule in life by wisdom. Eccl. 9:16; 1 Kg. 4:29; 2 Chron. 1:1
• Ask for wisdom to win souls & establish them. Pray for skills to confound the wisdom of men. 1 Cor. 3:19; Prov. 11:30
• Pray for wisdom required for a happy life, health body, stable marriage & successful career. Prov. 3:13; Is. 33:6
Fri. 16th Dec; Day 13: Righteousness
• Pray that you will continually reflect the holy nature of God & restore men to righteous lifestyles. Job. 33:26; Ps. 22:31.
• Pray that God will give all members of GH an insatiable hunger & thirst for His righteousness. **Mat. 5:6; Hab. 2:14.
• Pray for repentant hearts; the removal of filthy garments in exchange for righteous robes. Is. 61:10; Zech. 3:4.
• Pray that the Kingdom of God be displayed through you daily in righteousness, peace & joy. Rom. 14:17,18.
• Declare liberty from sin & iniquity loses its attraction. People will embrace the righteousness of God. Rom. 5:17; 2 Cor. 5:21
• Pray that this nation will turn back to God & away from sin. That righteousness will promote her. Prov. 14:34; Is. 62:2
Sat. 17th Dec; Day 14: Faith
• Give thanks for strong, growing & kingdom subduing faith that obtains God’s promises. 2 Thess. 1:3; Heb. 11:33
• Faith is activated by the spoken word; declare by faith what you desire from God. Mk. 11:23; 1 Cor. 1:5; 2 Cor. 4:13
• Resist & oppose the powers of darkness that hinder the growth & exploits of faith. Gen. 15:1; Phil. 4:19
• Declare an end to impossibility, fear, lack & sorrow. By faith proclaim prosperity, power & peace. Mk. 9:23; Ps. 125:3
• Pray that Jesus be revealed to those who ignorantly serve idols falsely called gods. Gal. 4:8
• Pray in tongues for a while & strengthen your faith & be ready for soul winning. Jude 1:20; 1 Cor. 14:4
Sun. 18th Dec; Day 15: Love & COMPASSION
• Pray that the love of God flows freely & generously in Glory House. We’ll be lovers of God & men 1 Pt. 2:17; Rom. 5:5
• Declare yourself a lover, a generous giver & forgiver of those who wrong you. Mat. 5:44; Rom. 12:20
• Ask God to revive pure love in people whose love has gone cold & to restore backsliders to God. Mat. 24:12; Is. 57:15
• Pray that hearts of men will be turned to God’s everlasting love & be restored to Him. Jer. 31:3; Jn. 3:16
• Agree with the Scriptures; absolutely nothing will separate you from the love of God Rom. 8:35; 12:10
• Surrender yourself as a vessel of God’s love & compassion to those around you. Gal. 5:6; Jn. 13:34
Mon. 19th Dec; Day 16: Glory House churches
• Thank God for Glory House’s mandate to the nations & for his marvellous Hand backing the message. Mk. 16:20; 2 Cor. 2:14
• Pray that Jesus be enthroned & His purposes are established in every church & department Mat. 6:10; Is. 46:10
• Speak an outbreak of God’s favour & blessings upon Pastor, all leaders, workers & members. Hab. 3:17-19; Ezek. 37:12-14
• Travail for doors to open, divine favour, accelerated progress, growth & global impact. Rev. 3:8; Col. 4:3
• Pray for open heavens and a fresh outpouring of grace from above. Mat. 3:16; Acts 3:19
• Declare that no weapon formed against Glory House will prosper & every evil plan will fail. Is. 54:17
• All suffering ends. The churches & members are perfected, established, strengthened & settled. 1 Pt. 5:10; 2 Thess. 1:6
• Decree that Glory House will enjoy a rapid & easy influx of souls; that they will be established in Christ Is. 60:1-3, 22
Tue. 20th Dec; Day 17: G. H. Leadership & workers
• Intercede for Pastor & his family: fresh oil, wisdom, revelation, power, provision & sound health. Ps. 92:10; 133
• Pray for the spirit of unity, love & commitment to the vision. No breaking of ranks. Eph. 4:2-4
• Pray for the workers: renewed strength, passion for God & also His rich blessings all over them. Ps. 68:11; 110:3
• Decree that all the GH leaders, workers & givers shall harvest their own covenant blessings. Ex. 23:25-27; Ps. 126:6
• Pray that every leader, minister & member of GH will walk in the prophetic grace upon GH Jn. 14:12; Num. 11:29
• Pray that the churches will host the supernatural & many will flow in to worship God. Acts 10:25; Rev. 7:11-12
• Decree Glory House leaders, workers & members be harvesters of souls & saviours in Zion. Mat. 9:37-38; Obad. 1:21
Wed. 21st Dec; Day 18: Youth & Children
• Rejoice for the blessings of the womb, health & His protection over our children & youth. Ps. 127:3; 91:11
• Pray generational blessings upon them for health, help & progress everywhere they go. Gen. 49:26
• Pray that Glory House children shall all confess Jesus as Lord & be mighty warriors in the earth. Heb. 8:11; Ps. 112:2
• Pray for great peace, that they will be a shining light in darkness, ambassadors of Jesus & soul winners. Is. 54:13; Ps. 8:2
• Rebuke trouble & destroy any ungodly association. Ask for godly influences to surround them. 1 Cor. 15:33
• The Lord shall preserve them when the go in or out. He shall order their footsteps in safety. Ps. 121:8; 37:23
• Pray that your children of GH shall be mighty in the earth & is blessed in all their ways. Ps. 112:2
• We take covenant insurance over them by the Blood of Jesus. Sickness, danger, bullying, etc pass over them. Ex. 12:13
Thu. 22nd Dec; Day 19: The Word
• Pray that God’s Word grows mightily & prevails over falsehood, arguments & contention. Ps. 119:89; 89:34; Acts 19:20
• Decree that the earth will produce according to the Word_ power, purpose, peace, prosperity, etc. Jer. 22:29; Lk. 1:45
• Ask God to raise people who are hungry for the Word & quick to believe & act upon it. Ps. 68:11; Acts 17:10-11
• Pray that the Word will fall on good ground & produce fruit in Glory House Acts 16:14; Mat. 13:23
• Pray for a great company of people to arise & proclaim the word of God in the highways & byways. Ps. 68:11; Lk. 14:23
• Decree that word will be authoritative, easy to understand & backed with signs & wonders. Mat. 7:29; Jn. 16:20
Fri. 23rd Dec; Day 20: Vision for 2017
• Pray against the rise of iniquity, violence or deception in homes, individual lives or the nations. 2 Tim. 3:12-13; Jam. 4:7
• Pray that Glory House steps into a new season & the shekinah glory shall be seen ceaselessly. 2 Chron. 7:1
• Pray that Glory House steps into a powerful new season & souls will come rushing in. Ps. 2:8; Mat. 9:38
• Decree that Glory House will enjoy uncommon favour in 2017 amongst nations & people. Ps. 5:12; Lk. 2:52
• Decree that 2017 is your year of establishment (Rehoboth); an end to contention & beginning of flourishing. Ps. 68:19
• Ask God to show you His grace, greatness, ‘gold’, glory & goodness in 2017. Ex. 33:18-19; Ps. 23:6
• Commit to giving tremendous & consistent effort to winning souls for the kingdom
Sat. 24th Dec; Day 21: Praise & Thanksgiving
• Thank God for his goodness & loving-kindness over your life, family & Glory House throughout the year. Ps. 136:1
• Give thanks for yesterday’s blessings & secure the answers to expected promises for the future. Ps. 9:1; 89:1
• Rejoice that God is faithful to complete what he started in your life, church, home, work etc. Ps. 36:5; 1 Thess. 5:24
• Declare an outbreak of God’s favour & blessings upon Pastor, GH leaders & members. Hab. 3:17-19; Ezek. 37:12-14
• Praise God for marvellous miracles & signs that will compel many to accept Jesus. 1 Chron. 16:12; Job 5:9
• Praise God for His marvellous works, goodness, glory, & greatness; He alone is worthy. Ps. 66:4; Rev. 4:9-11
• Decree that you will finish 2016 & 2017 strong, stable, settled & sharing His goodness. Amen! Is. 40:31

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