Exodus 14:15
1. Thank God for enlarged territory and answered prayers. Declare joyful and peaceful forward march. Deut. 10:21; Is. 54:2-3; Is. 55:12
2. Pray against any delay and opposition to the move. Ask for favour with all men (authorities, professionals etc) for a quick and unhindered possession and transition. Jos. 1:5; Ps. 1:12
3. Declare the doors of GH open continually; a mountain where nations will gather for divine solutions and truth.
Is. 60:11; Is. 2:3; Obad. 1:17
4. Pray for superior wisdom and the excellent spirit required to cancel the plans of the enemy as we build God’s House.
Lk. 21:15; Ex. 36:1; Dan. 5:14
5. Pray for volunteers with willing hearts to serve, sacrificial givers, passionate soul winners and worshippers. Ps. 110:2; Is. 40:31
6. Pray for accelerated growth and unstoppable takeovers. Declare that GH will be a place for salvation, liberation and wonders.
Ex. 23:30; Job 8:7
7. Pray that the sons and daughters of GH around the world will all move forward together. None shall be left behind. Ex. 14:15; Ezek. 1:12


  1. Thanks for these prayer points, surely we are moving forward to greater heights. I am blessed and proud to be a part of this great family, a church that hears from the throne room of grace.. God bless you Dr Albert and the entire leadership for your vision and hard work.

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