Good morning GH ladies,
Today’s health tip is pelvic floor exercises.
I’m sure most of us have heard of them and for those who have not, these are exercises to help strengthen the muscles that hold up our bladder, bowels and our vaginas.
As we get older, depending on the type of work we do, which may involve standing for long periods of time, the number of children we have and our easy the labour and delivery was, and also our weight!, these muscles become lax and weak and cause many symptoms including increased frequency of passing urine, leaking urine especially when laughing or sneezing! And for the married women troubles in the bedroom.(This is extremely important sisters, remember the bible says husbands should rejoice in the wife of their youth, let’s help make that easier for them)
For how to do the exercise:
Sit in a chair with your knees slightly apart. Imagine you are trying to stop wind escaping from your back passage (anus). You will have to squeeze the muscle just above the entrance to the anus. You should feel some movement in the muscle. Don’t move your buttocks or legs.
Now imagine you are passing urine and are trying to stop the stream. You will find yourself using slightly different parts of the pelvic floor muscles to the first exercise (ones nearer the front). These are the ones to strengthen.
If you are not sure that you are exercising the right muscles, put a couple of fingers into your vagina. You should feel a gentle squeeze when doing the exercise. Another way to check that you are doing the exercises correctly is to use a mirror. The area between your vagina and your anus will move away from the mirror when you squeeze.
Also check out for more on the exercises.
And for the younger ladies, it’s never too early to start, so let’s get started now.
Remain blessed.
Dr Ronky.

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